Mega Man 3 Any% Tournament -- Final Stage

  • 24 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Mega Man 3
  • March 21, 2017 bei 12:05 AM EDT
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This is a tournament of Mega Man 3 for the NES.  The category is Any% (version U or J).  This is a 2-stage tournament:  stage one is round-robin with groups of 5, top 2 people from each group advancing.  Stage two is single-elimination.  Initial seeding was determined by personal best (PB) time.  The tournament will be broadcast to twitch.tv/SpeedGaming.



Players and commentators should join the Discord server.

Category:  Any%

Version:  North American (U) or Japanese (J)

Timing:  Timing starts upon pressing Start at the title screen.  Timing ends upon laying the last hit on Wily.

Hardware:  You may play with cartridge, flashcart, virtual console, or emulator.  Approved emulators: FCEUX 2.2.0 or later, Nestopia 1.40 or later, Bizhawk.  Unofficial/third-party/clone consoles are banned.  

Streaming:  You must stream your race and enable VOD saving.  All races will be done on the SpeedRunsLive.com IRC server according to the SRL rules.   The time recorded on SRL will be considered the official time for the match.

The format for the first stage of the tournament is 5-person Round Robin.  Players are divided into groups of 5.  All 5 players in that group play each other.  The top 2 players in each group advance to the final stage.  Ties are broken by (1) number of wins vs tied participants, followed by (2) fastest time in the tournament.  Seeding into the Round Robin stage is done by PB rank in the leaderboards when signups close.  Runners with no PB will be randomized and placed at the bottom of the seeding.  Runners who want to submit a PB that is not on the leaderboards must contact the tournament organizers with a video before the deadline.

The final stage of the tournament is a single-elimination bracket format.  Seeding into the bracket is determined by within-group rank from the round robin and then by fastest tournament time.  The semi-finals, 3rd place match, and finals will be best 2 out of 3.

Players are in charge of contacting their opponent to decide a time and date to race.  Players in the Round Robin must complete at least 1 match per week.  The suggested order is shown under the "Matches" tab next to each group.  Players may ask for an extension, but anyone who has not gotten in contact with their opponent or made arrangements with the organizers during that time frame will have their match marked as loss.

For information or help with the tournament contact feasel (emailtwitter).


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